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 Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations

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Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations Icon_m98
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Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations Empty
PostSubject: Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations   Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 4:37 am

Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations Ycs_lo10
Welcome to... THE ALL-CITY ACADEMY YCS [2012-2013 Winter]
Hosted By:
D.D._Hunter and Bloody Kiss

Quick Summary:

This will be Dueling City's first All-City Academy YCS. This YCS is open to any Academy that is officially registered. *Each Academy will register and send in their top 8 Duelists currently registered at their Academy. The Duelists will then duel until there are 2 Duelists left and they will represent their Academy.

*= The Members sent must be active members registered in the Academy. You may NOT have a Duelist register at your Academy and duel for this Tournament. They must be members that have been registered on the Academy for some time.

General Rules:
Duelists may not be subbed in or out once the brackets have been posted.
Duelists that show disrespect to their opponent will be costing their Team .25 Points regardless of the ending score.
Duelists that are caught presiding or cheating of ANY kind, will first cost their academy 1 Point and additional punishments could apply.

Dueling Rules:
TCG only (As Of 1/31/12)
All Duels will be 2/3 *Matches*
All Disconnections will be counted as a Game loss unless you were in a winning position and have proof.
Any Misplays that cause an irreparable Game-state will count as a Rematch for that 1 Duel. (Unless it was purposely done)

Point System:
This is one of the fairest Systems that we could think of and I will go straight into it.
Win = 1 Point
Lose = 0 Points
Cheating = -1 Point
Being Disrespectful = -.25 Points
*Being Disrespectful is calling your opponent a Noob and laughing or insulting them or their dueling styles in any way.

Round System:
The rounds will be Single Elimination. The seeds will be shuffled multiple times and if 2 members are paired up from the same academy, sadly that Academy will be losing 1 of those players in the first round since someone HAS to win.

Awarded to First Place Academy:
Congratulation Banner (including the text of: Winner of Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] )
Slim Sig Bar Including Winning Academy of DC YCS [12-13]
Also and Affiliation with Dueling City and will be listed as Dueling City's Top Academy.

Awarded to Second Place Academy:
Banner including Runner-up of Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter]
Also will be offered an Affiliation with Dueling City.

Awarded to the Winning Duelist:
Slim Sig Banner including Winner of DC YCS [12-13]
Also Academies may reward you for the win.

Awarded to Runner-up Duelist:
Slim Sig Banner including Runner-up of DC YCS [12-13]
Also Academies may reward you for the 2nd Place finish.

Judges Available for Judging if needed:
Bloody Kiss
Jar 0f Greed

Registration form:
Academy Name:
Eight Duelists: (Please Include ONLY their DN in-game usernames)
*Important that you have every Member send you their deck list to send to one of the judges, to make sure no Pre-siding will be presented in a duel.*
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Dueling City's All-City Academy YCS [12-13 Winter] -Registrations

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